I'm a software developer at Boost AI. Before that I was a software developer at Roxar, before that a consultant at Bouvet, and before that a systems developer at UMS.

I love coding in all kinds of languages, but especially in Python, C++ and Scheme. My fascination with Scheme resulted in being acknowledged in the R7RS specification. I found some simple errors in it while writing my own interpreter.

Back in the day I wrote a quirky program called jp2a. It's still quite popular. What amuses me is that it's my most widely distributed piece of code: It's available to literally hundreds of millions of people as an easter egg!

Another thing that I find interesting is personal genomics. When 23andMe were forced to take down their health reports, I reimplemented most of them from scratch in Python and C++.

Whenever I have the energy and time, I like holding local talks and write about interesting projects. The two posts on JIT compiling Python in Python even made it to the front page of Hacker News!